FAQ'S-How to Play VBingo


How is VBingo Played?

  • The caller will live stream from the bingo hall. Players will have paper cards. If the player has a bingo, they will phone 587-425-1090 to verify their card. The winners will be determined, and the player will have 10 days to come to the hall and pick up their payout.

How many cards can I play?

  • The minimum number of cards is 6. The maximum is how ever many you are comfortable playing.

How fast is the bingo caller?

  • Minimum of 12 seconds per ball. VBingo Rules of Play (4)

What are the Payouts?

  • The Prize Payout Chart is noted on your VBingo Program. The minimum payout will be $20 VBingo Rules (14)

Are there different colored booklets for different days?

  • Yes, each day will have a different color. Make sure that your booklet is stamped with Winners Bingo or Lethbridge Community Bingo Association and the date the game will be played. It is the players responsibility to ensure that the cards are marked correctly before leaving the hall.

What does the program entail?

  • The current program is 8 pages with 14 games.

Do I have to pay into Pots?

  • Currently there is NO Progressive Pots on the VBingo Program.

Will there be breaks during the event?

  • Halfway through the program (after page 4) there will be a 10-minute break. VBingo Rules (23)

How long does the program last?


  • pproximately 2 ½ to 3 hours.

Do you have volunteers in the hall?

  • Yes, we do. To maintain the integrity of Winners Bingo and our Program, we will have volunteers on site in the position of Chairperson, Paymaster, Verifier and Answering Phones.

Who checks the balls in the tray?

  • The Chairperson and the Verifier will check the balls and the balls will be shown on screen before starting the games.


How many Events will Winners Bingo have?

We are offering 5 events per week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday . All of those events begin at 6:30 pm and are completed normally between 9 -9:15 pm.

How will we know when the events are?

  • The dates and times will be posted on our website along with any door prize specials we will be having.

Winning Cards

I have a bingo, what do I do?

  • If you have a bingo, call 587-425-1090. Once you call in the caller will be notified, and we will stop play. Once the card is verified, the caller will start a 30 second timer and ask if there is any more bingos. Once the timer has expired the caller will close the game and no other bingos will be accepted. Winning cards will be shown on the screen.

When I call in what information will I provide?

  • Checking a bingo card
    • Name and date stamped on the back of the card
    • Color of the card
    • Series Number (Page Number)
    • Serial Number at the top of the card
    • Free Space Number of winning card
  • Once the card is confirmed correct
    • Name
    • Phone Number

Someone called bingo before me, can I still call in?

  • Absolutely-You have 30 seconds after the first bingo is verified to call in.

My bingo is accepted, now what?

  • The verifier will collect your information. You may pick the win up within 10 days of the event. VBingo Rules of Play (15).

How do I collect my prize?

  • The winning and verified card and player receipt must be brought back to the bingo hall. Within 10 days of the event VBingo Rules of Play (15). PLEASE NOTE the card must be returned INTACT, i.e. if you bought a 6-up it must be returned a 6-up. Please do not cut the cards. You only need to return the winning page not the entire booklet. VBingo Rules of Play (8)
    • Name, address, phone number, and email address must be provided on the receipt along with the winning card.

What if I don’t collect my win?

  • After 10 days, the prize money will be donated back to the charities VBingo Rules of Play(17)

I lost my receipt; can I still claim my prize?

  • You need a receipt to claim your prize VBingo Rules of Play (9)

What if I can’t read the free space?

  • If you cannot read the middle number, the number on the bottom right of the individual card is the same. If the card cannot be verified, then it will not be accepted.

What if my card is wrong?

  • If it is not a good bingo, the caller will communicate this and continue calling until another bingo is called.

Card Sales

How much do the cards cost?

A 6-up: $14 and a 9-up: $21 These are consistent throughout all Bingo Alberta halls that offer VBingo.

How do I buy cards?

  • Come into the hall and purchase your cards.
  • You can pre-order your cards, so you don’t have to wait as long at
    • 403-320-6588 or text 403-308-0419.
  • We are open days that VBingo is played from 11 am-6 pm.
  • Always confirm your card order before leaving the hall. Lost or missing cards will not be replaced.

How do I pay?

  • Currently, we only accept cash. We have an ATM if you require one onsite.

What is included with my cards?

  • A receipt with the purchase amount for the customer, the bingo cards, a copy of the VBingo rules of play, and a program.

I purchased cards for more than one event how do I know which is which?

  • Each page of the booklet will be stamped with the Winners Bingo or Lethbridge Community Bingo stamp and the date.
  • Cards cannot be transferred between events. VBingo Rules of Play (7)

Card Pickup

Do I have to follow COVID-19 precautions when I come to pick up my cards?

  • To enter the Bingo Hall, you must wear a mask. Social distancing is required. Upon entering, customers may be subject to temperature scans. If your temperature exceeds 38 degrees, you may not be permitted to enter. If any customer shows any symptoms of COVID-19 then they will be asked to leave the bingo hall.
  • Please remember, if you may have or have been in contact with someone who has been or suspected of having COVID-19, we ask you not to enter the Winners Bingo premises and must self isolate as per AHS guidelines.

Cancellation/ Unused Cards

What if I cannot play my cards?

  • Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued for unused cards, under any circumstances VBingo Rules of Play (25). VBingo cards are the responsibility of the player. If the cards are lost or damaged, cards will not be refunded or replaced VBingo Rules of Play (26)

What if the event is cancelled?

  • If an event is cancelled by Winners Bingo, the hall with either refund the purchase price of the cards or the cards will be transferred to the next scheduled event of the same value. In the event this happens, we will contact players with this information VBingo Rules of Play (19)

I bought cards and can’t use them; can I give them to a friend?

  • Yes, please remember that you must be 18 to play and win.

I played my cards on the wrong day; can I have them replaced?

  • Cards are the responsibility of the player VBingo Rules of Play (26).Please ensure when you are buying cards you will be able to play them, as we will not issue refunds or replacements VBingo Rules of Play (25)

Live Streaming

What is YouTube Live streaming?

  • Live streaming is the broadcasting of video to an audience over the internet.

I do not have a computer; can I still play VBingo at home?

  • You can access YouTube via a Smart TV, iPad, tablet, or other mobile devices.

How do I access the VBingo livestream?

  • Go to search and then type in winnersbingolive.ca
  • Access online through our website at winnersbingo.ca.
  • Or simply go to YouTube and search Winners Bingo Live

Why I can’t I see the VBingo Live Stream on YouTube?

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Try refreshing your feed.
  • Make sure your Stream is LIVE.
  • Refresh your screen several times throughout the event.

Can I get alerts when Winners Bingo is going live?

  • If you would like to get alerts when we are going live, simply click the red SUBSCRIBE button on our Winners Bingo Live YouTube channel. After you select SUBSCRIBE, you can select the bell to customize your alerts.

What if the livestream doesn’t work on my computer or device?

  • We recommend that players access the Winners Bingo Live YouTube Channel to make sure that their device is compatible before purchasing cards. If the technical difficulties occur within the hall itself, then cards will be exchanged or refunded VBingo Rules of Play (19)